Gun Racks, Fish, & Oval Panels

ALL wood panels are hand crafted in the Highest Quality
right here in our custom woodworking shop.
The only limitation is your imagination!

We currently stock all antler panels in Oak and Walnut
Specialty woods are available on request for an additional charge.
*Please allow 7-10 days for specialty wood orders.*

*All panels may not be in stock please allow 7 days for out of stock orders*

Panels Made From Walnut Stock Add $3

Style GN1

Gun Rack
Perfect for Putting Deer Feet On!

10" x 24" : $30.00

Style GN2

Gun Rack
Also Used For Fish Mounts

10" x 24" : $30.00

Style FP

Fish Mount Pedestal

These are used for fish mounts to hang on the wall. This makes a very unique fish display.

8 x 12: $43.00
10 x 14: $47.00

Style O

Style O1: 8 x 14: $20.00
Style O2: 9 x 16: $23.00

Style O3: 10 x 20: $27.00

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

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